Thursday, May 1, 2008


Alyssa gets to visit a farm today! She was really excited about the possibility of getting to milk a cow. She was also very aware of the fact that there was a good chance that she may step in cow poop! Needless to say, we had an interesting morning.

I belong to a couple of online support groups for parents that are raising a child with RAD. These groups have been my lifeline and many times have saved my sanity! I have become cyber friends with a couple remarkable woman, most notably Lisa! She is a single Mom who is just Awesome! Lately, I have come to realize just how lucky we are. Sure, Alyssa has her days, sometimes even weeks! But at no time have we ever regretted our decision to adopt! Alyssa has brought more to our lives than we could ever possibly give her in return.

Our one year adoption anniversary is coming up (May 11) and alot of people have been saying to me lately how great Jeff and I are for what we are doing for Alyssa. I really am uncomfortable hearing this because my initial reaction is to respond with "We aren't doing anything! We are the ones that should be thanking Alyssa!" I really do believe this. Yes, there are days when Jeff and I tag team because Alyssa's behaviors have exhausted us to the point of craziness! But there are also days when are hearts physically hurt because they are overflowing with love for that little girl.

God has blessed us with a daughter! He had a plan for us that included Alyssa. Part of that plan included Siarra. I am crying as I type this because my friend, my BEST friend, had to lose her daughter for me to gain mine. This may seem like a weird statement to some, but Tammy and I have discussed this often. We both believe that God took Siarra so that she could watch over Alyssa. There are so many things that Alyssa just "knows" for this not to be true. I know I have said it before, but Siarra really is Alyssa's guardian angel.

My heart is full today! Full of love for the people that love me, and full of gratitude to those same people. Today is the national day of prayer. My prayer today is a heartfelt THANK YOU to God! Thank you for my wonderful life!



Lisa said...

Thanks Gerri for the compliment...Your post brought me to tears. I, too, feel the same way. I am so blessed and I have learned more from J than she will ever learn from me.
I am so blessed to have you too!!!
Dammit! I can't quit crying! Shame on you!
You're a fabulous mom Gerri!

Lisa said...

Here's terminology from a farm's a cow patty....
You rock!