Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last night, Alyssa was finally ready to attempt her healy's. She got them for Christmas and has finally shown an interest in attempting to figure them out. For those of you that are unfamiliar with healy's, they are tennis shoes that have roller wheels in the heal. So, Alyssa was attempting to figure out the dynamics of the shoes and came flying in the house to get her elbow & knee pads. I was impressed that she realized the need for them! After about 30 min of frustration, my little darling actually came in the house AND ASKED FOR HELP!!! This is huge, she asked for help. Jeff & I both jumped up and went outside to help. Alyssa said she was afraid of falling and wanted Jeff & I to both take a hand. She trusted us to keep her safe. She actually relaxed enough to listen to what Jeff was telling her and take his advice! She made progress and thanked both of us for helping her!

We have therapy tonight. We have been off for almost three weeks because Paulette has been in Italy (lucky her). So, we haven't seen her for ages, and I am searching my brain for things that we need to discuss! What progress we've made! Jeff is probably going to skip tonight in favor of attending softball practice. I am actually overjoyed at this because he is finally becoming involved again in the things that he enjoys doing. I think therapy is helping everyone!

I am actually really looking forward to Mother's Day. It is also our 1 year adoption anniversary. We have much to celebrate this year but I think we are going to keep it very subdued. Just maybe brunch after church and then whatever strikes our fancy. Jeff and Alyssa have been doing a lot of whispering though, so we shall see!