Friday, May 30, 2008

Preparing for Battle

Well, I had a good cry last night! My dear Alyssa pushed me to the point of breaking and she won! I cried like a baby, runny, snotty nose and everything, for about 4 hours. I am really glad I have to work all weekend, I really need to recharge.

Lisa, thank you for the suggestions. You really are an awesome Mom! So, I am going to recharge my batteries this weekend and Monday I go into battle. I'm thinking we start over. No privileges, and she has to earn everything. Oh and my house is a pig sty so I'm thinking lots of chores are in order!

I feel like crap today but by Monday, I will be ready to roll!


Lisa said...

Oh! Dear, sweet Gerri,
I am soooo sorry. Wishing I were there to give you a hug. Things will get better and I am so happy you get to work too. We all need breaks from our little darlings.

I agree that starting over would be good and think that's a fabulous plan. Maybe it will make her feel better because she must be feeling she doesn't deserve so much fun, etc.

You are a wonderful MOM!!!!
Love, Lisa