Friday, May 16, 2008

The Awesome Uncle Bruce!

My daughter is teetering on the edge. She is halfway between a respectful little girl and a crazy person. What's really scary is that I am catching glimpses of both! I know this time of the year is really stressful. But Jeff and I have bean really careful of what we say and what we do. We know how touchy Alyssa is so we have been extra careful. I think the only thing we are managing to do is prolong the meltdown. I don't think we are going to prevent it. I almost wish that she would blow, get it out of her system so that we could move on to another place. Walking on eggshells is not fun!

The worst is that she is suddenly helpless. It is driving me nuts, it is driving her teacher nuts! By helpless I mean that after getting in the shower by herself for the entire school year, she suddenly is incapable of turning the water on! What the _______??!! Oh and my favorite by far: She suddenly is afraid of being on a different floor than us. If I go downstairs to do laundry, Alyssa refuses to stay in her bedroom(on the main floor) because she is scared! Jeff & I have talked about what to do and have even tried a couple of things. Nothing is working. We even discussed the possibility of charging her a quarter every time she asked for help. We are not going to do this though because I don't want to teach Alyssa to NEVER come to us, I want to teach her to lean on Mom & Dad when she needs to but learn to be independent. So, we are at a loss - ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!

It seems that Alyssa has the MOST AWESOME UNCLE - EVER! This came from Alyssa's friend because Uncle Bruce let her come over to play after Girl Scouts when he was watching Alyssa. "K" thinks that Alyssa is the luckiest because she has Uncle Bruce! Yes, Alyssa, your Uncle Bruce is awesome - not because he loves you completely and has from day 1, not because he volunteered to babysit every other Wednesday for the last two years so that you could be in Girl Scouts, no that's not why Uncle Bruce is awesome. Uncle Bruce is the most awesome because he let "K" come over and he let them have a Popsicle! Go Uncle Bruce!

We should find out today or tomorrow if Alyssa made the choir. Keep your fingers crossed!


Torina said...

My daughter goes through those phases, too. Forgets how to bathe, forgets how to wipe her butt, good times. I usually just make eye contact and ask, "Are you for real?" and wait until she actually does whatever she is trying to manipulate me into doing for her.

As for the separation anxiety, my daughter had that too. Every time I went to the bathroom she would cry outside the door. I had to prep her everytime I would leave the room, "Okay, I am doing such and such, you need to be cool, girl, can you do that for me?" If I did the prep, she was usually okay if I didn't take TOO long. Then my son came home two months ago and she forgot that I existed. Voila, no more separation anxiety. Abracadabra magico!