Wednesday, May 14, 2008


OK, so yesterday I was really feeling down. But, I got my big girl panties back on and am once again ready for battle!

This morning was much better than yesterday, but we still left the house late. We have reverted back to the Alyssa of 6 months ago. She doesn't want to get out of bed, then she doesn't want to move! I think all of the "milestones" combined with the end of the school year, combined with being anxious about her tryout(did I mention that Alyssa tried out for the Lakeshore Youth Choir? She will find out at the end of the week if she made it) are just throwing her for a loop! Her evenings have been great, we just need to get rid of the morning attitude! Of course she is sweet as pie with Daddy in the morning, and then the minute he leaves for work my devil child arrives! I am trying to think of a brand new "incentive" for leaving on time so if anyone has any ideas, I am willing to try them!

This weekend we are going to go full boar and get every speck of yard work done! Next weekend is Memorial weekend and I want to know that my weekends are going to be free to go up north, not filled with outside chores that need to be done at home. We are home all week, chores can get done then. I want to go up north!

Alyssa finished her Dust Bowl project. She has one more big project due next week, her group project on Ireland. I hope they are able to finish it. One little girl has barely participated. But, I am trying really hard to not have it be MY problem. I passed the third grade, remember? Oh well, the school year is almost over and Alyssa has a busy summer planned. Before we know it we will be starting the madness all over again!