Thursday, May 22, 2008

Woe is Me

Alyssa continues on her path of self destruction. She is in one of those "Woe is Me" states that she refuses to let go of. She is making poor choices, being VERY irresponsible, and just doesn't seem to care! So, right or wrong, here is what Jeff & I decided to do:

1) NOTHING! We are going up north tomorrow for a long holiday weekend and we are just going to enjoy ourselves!

2) When we get home on Monday, Alyssa will be given the opportunity to clean her room.

3) Anything not clean when she leaves for school on Tuesday will be cleaned by Mom. That means anything not put away in the proper place will become mine.

4) Alyssa will have NO privileges until she can prove to us, once again, that she can handle them! We are, after all, the most awesome Mom & Dad on the planet!

So wish us luck! I am glad that we are able to identify the times when Alyssa needs us to hold her close. She does such a good job of letting us know that we need to do a better job of listening!

So I am going to M.I.A. until Tuesday. By then I hope that I can report a change of attitude. If not, I am going to at least get my spring cleaning done - all courtesy of Miss Alyssa!


Lisa said...

Rock on Gerri!
Have a safe & happy trip.
Hugs, Lisa

Torina said...

Gerri, Check out for more info on the camp I mentioned... Last year was their first year and I heard very good things from other families who didn't mind being the guinea pigs. Tara just wasn't ready for something like that last year but this year I believe (hope and pray) she is...