Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I sat for 2 hours last night and paid bills and balanced the check book! Every time I turn around, someone wants money - and it's not just $5 or $10 - NO they want $100 at a crack! I told Jeff that people get nutty! I'll explain - or rant, as the case may be.

Since Monday, I have dished out the following:

$35 - Registration fee for after school day care for NEXT year
$110 - Down Payment for summer child care at the YMCA
$125 - Down Payment for summer camp at the YMCA
$142 - Field trip fees, lesson fees, etc. for summer child care at the YMCA
$44 - Weekly after school day care charge
$20 - Supplies for a school project
$24 - Misc fees and field trips

Grand Total = $500
All spent on Miss Alyssa, everyone expects it NOW!

The knowledge that Alyssa is able to participate in "normal" activities and projects = PRICELESS!!!

In all seriousness though - Why does everybody expect everything at one time? Sign up dates always seem to be bunched together. Why can't they spread them out? Oh sure, I could wait two weeks to sign up for field trips and lessons, but then all the really cool ones that Alyssa wants will be filled up and she will be stuck with tap instead of hip hop like she was last year!

I know - I really shouldn't complain! I am thankful for a lot of things. One of which is Cindy & Leigh. Cindy is my friend that lives up north. She is one of my heroes! She has gone through an ugly divorce, an MS diagnosis, and still remains upbeat and a great Mom to her daughter Leigh. Leigh is almost 17, and is a counselor for the Girl Scout camp. Leigh has invited Alyssa to attend camp with her for a week this summer at NO COST TO ME! Leigh is prepared for a week with Alyssa and I think actually looking forward to it. We'll see how she feels when the week is over!
I am nervous for Alyssa to be away from home for a whole week. I don't think she is ready, but Alyssa is excited and said to me - "Mom, you don't have to worry! I know you will miss me, but it's only a week!" I told her that I was more concerned how she would feel being gone for a week, and she replied, "I really think that I will be OK. I know that you will still be here when I get back, and I know that I will still have a home to come home to. And most of all, I know that you will miss me and WANT me to come back!" This was almost word for word what I really was worried about! She is definitely one smart little cookie!

I miss Cindy and Leigh! I haven't seen them since Christmas! Way, way , way too long to go between visits! I checked the calendar and it looks like it is going to be at least three more weeks before we can work something out! Little Miss Alyssa has so much going on that the weekends fill up fast!

Listen to me complain! My life is pretty great if that is all I have to complain about!