Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sweet Alyssa

Well, Alyssa is officially a Junior Girl Scout. She had her bridging ceremony yesterday which I made sure I was there for. I had to take a half of the day off, but I didn't mind, I was so proud of her! So, I take time off from work, organize and put together the gift for the leaders, make a treat for the celebration and sit for an hour to watch my daughter cross a bridge. Do I sound cynical? Yea, probably because I'm sick and tired of fighting.

Every day has become a battle. If I say the sun is shining, Alyssa will disagree. If I say it is hot, Alyssa will say it is cold. And on and on and on and on! And my oh my has that child developed a sassy mouth! Just in the blink of an eye, she is nothing but sass! Last night I put her to bed at 7:30pm because I couldn't take any more! About 8:30pm she asked me to come in her room and she did apologize, but this morning she woke up and it was more of the same!

If anyone has any suggestions, I am willing to try anything!!! Don't misunderstand me, most of the day is actually really good! But let me tell you - when she gets sassy - it is terrible! I actually told my daughter that if she didn't shut her mouth she would have zero privileges for the rest of the week! I am loosing my grip! I feel like my bag of tricks is empty and I need to fill it up fast! We have not seen this level of disrespect for a long, long time! I want my sweet Alyssa back!


Lisa said...

1. Can you have her go to her room or strong sit until she decides to be sweet?
2. Have her hold her hand over her mouth?
3. Write sentences "I will not be disrespectful to my parents." 20, 30 or however many times you think she needs to write it.
4. Have her go "sass" herself in the mirror for 15 minutes. (prescribing the problem)
5. Every time she does it have her write you a paper with all her sassy words.
6. Read the last paragraph of pg 69 in Coming to Grips with Attachment (CGA)
7. Have her give you a foot/hand massage for every sass.
8. Check out pages 86/87 in CGA again. Sometimes that helps me.

Hang in there. I know it sucks right now and how bad sassy is from our kids but it's probably got more to do with not feeling worthy of choir & girl scouts and the end of school year probably isn't helping.
Hang in there! You are a fabulous mom!!!!

Torina said...

I have used a lot of Lisa's techniques, too. Ice cold glass of water or some good physical working out (pushups or jumping jacks) helps.

Check out the Deborah Hage's Parodoxical techniques at: A lot of these work for Tara when she is having an opposite day. Plus, they make me happy so it is a win-win.