Thursday, May 8, 2008


Alyssa had a rough morning! She was very controlling, very bossy, and very disrespectful! She refused to let me touch up her hair (I straightened it for her on Monday night) so she went to school with her hair looking like a rat's nest. She got a section of it wet in the shower this morning and you know what happens to her hair when it gets wet - instant Afro! She argued with everything I said, and was just a little brat all morning! We did leave the house on time, so that was good, but I told her that we were going to talk about her attitude/behavior after school tonight. I asked her to really think hard about what was going on in her head this morning and when we talked tonight, we would sort it all out. She kept asking me if she was going to be in trouble. Well no! We just need to figure out what caused all the attitude this morning! I think a lot of the attitude is coming from our adoption anniversary that is coming up on Sunday. Yes, along with Mother's Day! It's a double whammy. While she seems OK with the day, her behavior is obviously showing otherwise and we need to discuss it. I am going to have her do a couple pages in her volcano workbook and see if that helps get some feelings out! She also has two big projects that are due next week, so I'm sure that is stressing her out also. This morning when I asked her to tell me what she was feeling, she said "I miss Cody!" Now, I don't doubt that to be true, but I hardly think that missing Cody is the reason for the Miss Sass Mouth attitude!

So, let the investigation begin!