Friday, May 9, 2008


Alyssa got her hair cut! I know to some this may not seem like such a big deal. But for Alyssa, this was apparently a major milestone. Jeff took her to the beauty parlor and I met them there. We had talked about her hair cut the night before and Alyssa told me she wanted it short. I told her she could have her hair any way she wanted, as long as we were able to braid it for summer. When I arrived at the beauty parlor, Alyssa was in the chair, Jeff looked like he was gonna throw up and Tracy(beautician) had just cut a 5" chunk of hair off. All heads swiveled when I walked in and Jeff and Tracy both said, "This is really OK?" I looked at Alyssa's face and saw the excitement and also the fear. I responded with "Alyssa can have her hair however she wants it as long as I am able to get it in a braid". Well, apparently that was the right answer because Alyssa was all "see, I told you Mom said it was OK". Now mind you, Jeff & I had talked about this also, but I think he got scared when he saw the big chunk of hair. So anyway, Alyssa is now sporting a bob, landing right at her shoulders. She loves her hair! The fear I saw on her face earlier was that she was afraid I was going to be mad and I really didn't mean it when I told her she could cut her hair. Apparently, she was never, ever allowed to have any say in how her hair looked. Well, I passed another test today because I didn't lie. I let her get her hair cut. Little does she know that I am overjoyed at the fact that she got her hair cut! Less hair means less time doing her hair! Ya HOO!

We have a very busy weekend coming up. I work tonight at my second(fun) job. Tomorrow morning at 9:15, Alyssa is auditioning for the Lakeland Youth Choir. She is so excited! I just keep reminding her that not everyone is going to make it and not be too disappointed if that happens. I really do think she will make it though, she has a beautiful voice! Then, at 11:00 Alyssa is getting together will 2 girls from school to work on their Social Studies project. Then at 5:00, we are picking up Chelsie(the baby sitter) because Jeff & I have a banquet to go to. Plus, Jeanie is home from CA for the weekend (our friends daughter) so we want to stop in and see her too. Then, Sunday is not only Mother's Day, it is also the one year anniversary of our adoption. We are going out for Brunch after church and the rest of the day is a surprise! Alyssa and Jeff have been whispering and planning all week.

Today Alyssa is on a field trip for school. They are visiting the Spaceport Museum. The museum is not open yet and probably will not be completed for a year. But, a hands on interactive display was brought here from the Kansas Space Center as kind of like a taste of what is to come. The local schools were given the opportunity to bring the kids in as a kick off to the Rockets for Schools program that is happening this weekend. Alyssa was really excited, so I hope all goes well!

My wonderful husband just called and invited me out for lunch. We haven't had lunch together in probably six months and we work right next door to each other! I can't wait!

Happy Mother's Day!