Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy!

Well it seems that Alyssa's meltdown has cleared the air and released all pent up emotion! Friday after work we all went out for a fish fry, and then went and watched Jeff's ball game. It is very exciting now because they are only 1 game out of 1st place and there is only 2 games left! Not bad for a bunch of old sppooocks, eh? Our Alyssa has been so respectful and so responsible we keep wondering if this is really our daughter???

Saturday was Cindy's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!!! I would post a picture, but Cindy hates having her picture taken so getting a picture of her is a very rare occurrence. This one was taken at our adoption party.Don't get the wrong idea, Cindy is a joker. She was using props to help tell her joke, and she really got the laughs! Especially from Alyssa's teacher!

And this picture was taken last year on Alyssa's birthday. Cindy and Leigh were tickling Alyssa and this picture is the result. Check out the look on Alyssa's face!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day for us. We stayed home and I cleaned the house and got caught up on my laundry. Jeff took us out for dinner and we came home and watched the movie "College Road Trip". OMG was this movie hilarious. We laughed so hard that Alyssa almost peed her pants!!!

Sunday was uneventful too. Of course, Miss Alyssa got a little lippy as we were walking into church. She does this EVERY TIME! I don't get it! She gets whiny, sassy, and downright disrespectful right before we walk into church, literally! She remains that way until the service starts and then usually settles down and follows the service. I have no explanation for her behavior and I can't figure it out.

Sunday afternoon we went to a street dance that raises money for special needs services. The money raised gets donated to various schools and organizations in our community that cater to children with special needs. We had great fun and Alyssa learned to Polka and play the stump fiddle. Daddy was soooo proud! We ran into some friends that we haven't seen in a while and it was really nice to get caught up. We've also ran into former friends that decided they don't want to be our friends anymore. I get angry, Jeff gets hurt. I am angry that these people couldn't give Alyssa a chance! I'm angry that they have the NERVE to judge us! I'm angry that we meant so little to them that they couldn't stick it out! Yes, they saw Alyssa at her worst. But they have also seen the progress she has made. THEIR LOSS!!! I am so over it!

Today is Monday. Thursday is Cody's birthday and Friday is Alyssa's! I have much to do this week! Lots of presents to buy and wrap. We are celebrating the kids birthdays up north so not only do I have to get everything bought and wrapped, I also have to haul it all! It will all be worth it though!

I am going to attempt to get caught up on my paperwork at home. I hate to file so I have a tendency to throw everything that needs to get filed into a big pile. I don't think that I have touched that pile in two years. Yes, you read that right, I said years! Wish me luck!


Torina said...

Too bad you don't live closer to me. We could get together and do something filin'. My stack is two year high, too! said...

I just came across your post and wanted to wish Cindy a belated happy birthday with a personalized birthday song from It was originally created for another Cindy (I hope you don't mind), but I think your Cindy will enjoy it just as much.

Here it is: