Friday, August 15, 2008

A Home

Jeff had a busy afternoon with Alyssa yesterday. He picked her up from camp and when they got home he told her to pick up her room. Can you say meltdown? But, good news-no great news has come of this. Jeff sat down with Alyssa as she was attempting to kick, punch, scratch, etc. and asked her why she was trying to hurt Daddy. She started to cry and admitted that she didn't know! They were able to talk, and Jeff got out the feelings chart and she was able to identify "frustrated". The two of them together were able to determine that Alyssa was tired! She took a nap and woke up happy, respectful, and responsible!

I call that progress!

I must admit that I go through times of self doubt when I think that we are doing everything wrong and Alyssa is getting worse instead of better. But then I look back at what our life was like a year ago, and I realize how much progress Alyssa has really made. Is she perfect, no way! Is she healed? No, and I understand now that a child that has lived through that much trauma will never be 100% healed. How can she? Will she understand that she is loved and be able to love us in return? YOU BET! Will she have friends and live a successful life? Absolutely!

We have made a difference in her life. We have given her unconditional love, security, and stability. We are teaching her to be a good person. We are teaching her that it is OK to not be perfect. That it is OK to make mistakes. We are teaching her to learn from her mistakes and make better choices next time.

To all of you that get discouraged and think that all your hard work has been for nothing. I offer this. You have given your child a CHANCE at life! You have given them hope, and the opportunity to be successful. You may not have the relationship that you always thought you would have with your child, but you are making a difference in this child's life!

God has blessed you with this gift! The gift of LOVE! He chooses only the strongest to guide his weakest!

My life has been so blessed by my Alyssa! She drives me insane some days, but that little girl has brought more joy to our lives than I could ever have imagined. She has completed our family and made our house a home!


Unspeakable Joy said...

wow, so well said!!! a chance, they certainly didn't have a chance where they were before. thanks for your post today!!!