Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Puppy in Progress?

Alyssa is on a mission! She wants a puppy so bad! Jeff and I aren't quite sure she is ready so we gave her a list of goals that she has to meet. Good plan right? Well, Alyssa is working on her last two goals. They are 1) go 1 month without hurting anyone and 2) keep your room clean for 1 month.

We thought that #1 was a no brainer. But since her meltdown last week, she has to start all over. Jeff & I never thought, in a million years that she would be able to keep her room clean. Matter of fact, we figured she would only make it 2 days!

I am proud to report that Miss Alyssa is now on her 2nd WEEK! I know! Pretty amazing eh?

Alyssa and I are going shopping tonight for Cody's birthday present. She says she knows exactly what he wants! She will be purchasing her own gift for Cody, so I am hoping she chooses wisely.

We are still trying to figure out what we are going to do on Friday. It is Alyssa's birthday. I work both jobs so I basically get to come home from one job, change my clothes, and go to the second job. Jeff has a ball game at 7:20 that he doesn't want to miss, and Alyssa wants to go up north because Auntie and Cody will be there! I think Jeff and Alyssa will probably go up after Jeff's ball game and I will go up in the morning. At least that's the plan for now, that may change 100 times before Friday.


Lisa said...

Hey Gerri!
Just had a know that's scary....
NT recommends to make sure they can keep a plant alive for x amount of time before doing an animal. No reminding on watering or feeding. I can't remember the amount of time though. Of course my brain is on sabbatical....
You are such a fabulous mom!