Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time Flys

I really can't believe that it is Tuesday already! So, I guess I will try to catch everyone up.

Friday was a busy day for us. I worked all day, went home, changed my clothes, and went directly to my second job. Jeff and Alyssa went to Jeff's ballgame - They Won! Then they went up north. Jeff, God love him, helped Alyssa pack her clothes for the weekend. While she had stuff packed that I would not normally allow her to take for a weekend up north(more appropriate for school!), at least she had the right stuff. I had to laugh though when Jeff had her put her clothes in a paper bag!!! They had a great time Friday night, even though they both missed Mommy! I was told that the kids stayed up until 11:30 and Jeff went to bed right after. They really woop it up when Mom isn't around!

Alyssa got a really pretty necklace from Bruce, Tammy & Cody. It is a princess crown with her birthstone in it. She also got make-up(Thanks Tammy!), slippers, I can't remember everything, and her 9 yr old piece for her "Growing in Grace" collection. Tammy started this collection last year on Alyssa's birthday. She is getting Alyssa her new pieces and I am buying Alyssa her missed pieces. On our "gotcha" day anniversary, I bought Alyssa the one year piece. This year on our 2nd anniversary, I will get her the two year old piece. We figure she will be all caught up by the time she is 14! I brought steaks along with me when I came up so we had steaks for supper. I also brought along a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! YUM!!!

Saturday night Alyssa came into our room crying. She had such a stuffed up nose and couldn't breathe! I had her crawl in bed with Jeff and I. I told her to breathe through her mouth and I just rubbed her back. She was sound asleep within minutes. She fell into a very deep sleep and between Alyssa and Jeff both thrashing around I got kicked out of bed. I ended up sleeping in the recliner!

Sunday, we came home early and had a pretty lazy day. Jeff went to a church picnic, but Alyssa and I were both too lazy! We stayed home and watched movies all day. It was great!

Monday morning it was back to camp for Alyssa's final camp week! She is going to drama camp this week and from her reports yesterday, she is loving it. I spent the evening trying to fix Tammy's shirt.
You know I love you Tammy, but if you ever hack up a shirt again and expect me to fix it, I will beat you bloody! Why would anyone buy a shirt, have the sleeves be too tight, and then BEFORE talking to someone that actually knows what they are doing, rip the sleeves off!!!!!! I am finally done cleaning up her mess, I have the binding all pinned and tonight I will sew it. I don't like the binding I had to use, but the fabric is frayed! I don't have a whole lot of choice! YOU OWE ME - BIG TIME! I think a weekend of babysitting ought to cover it!

Whew, I feel much better! Alyssa is going to wash my car tonight, inside and out! She wants to do some extra chores so that she can earn some extra money. I told her that we would give her $5 a week to keep my car and Jeff's truck clean. The truck only has to be done on the inside. I think it is a fair deal considering that 90% of the mess is always hers anyway!

I have to start taking Alyssa's braids out tonight. She has had them in for 6 weeks already. Next time I will make sure that I use more neutral beads because although she has loved having her hair braided, she has not loved the fact that she has red, white, and blue stars! I can't believe that they have held up for so long. The time spent putting the braids in really is worth it!

After this week, we only have two more full weeks and then it is back to school! The summer went way to fast. I'm certainly not ready, and neither is Alyssa. She made the comment the other day that it seems like school just got out and it is already time to go back!

Before we know it, the snow will be flying!


Unspeakable Joy said...

school's coming way too fast here too! thanks so much for the link! may i link to yours as well? i'd love to have some helpful links to other blogs. :)