Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Today my baby turns 9! Alyssa was out of bed at 5:45am. She came crawling in with Jeff & I and then said "Oh, you don't have to get up yet"! Like we could go back to sleep! So we got up and went downstairs and Alyssa opened her presents. She loved everything!

When I look back to last year, I am completely amazed how far my Alyssa has come. Last year, she kept waiting and looking for more gifts. This year, she stopped after each gift was opened and hugged us and said thank you! She was appreciative and grateful for each and every gift! She really has grown this past year. It amazes me the changes in her!

Yesterday was crazy hair day at the YMCA. This is Alyssa's "Crazy Hair".

Today Alyssa is going to Bay Beach with the Y. This park is awesome! She should have a great birthday! Tonight Jeff & Alyssa will be going up north. I will go up in the morning 'cause I have to work at Petek's tonight. Alyssa is so excited to see Cody!

We have had a great week at our house. Our "normal" has transitioned from complete chaos to a steady routine and a beautiful daughter that is responsible, respectful, and fun to be around. The "crazy" days are so few and far between now that it almost shocks us when Alyssa has a bad day. That my friends is the definition of "healing"!!!

This photo was taken last year on her birthday. Can you see the difference in her face? I notice the change in her eyes the most!

I just realized that in every single one of these pictures she is wearing "High School Musical"! Can you tell she's a fan?

Happy Birthday my beautiful child! May the next year bring you love, joy, and peace!

I Love You!!!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!!!
Woo hoo!

Lisa said...

Thanks Gerri for being the calm in my storm.
Love, me