Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do you know what day it is?

Last night, we were running around the house trying to get all Alyssa's school supplies rounded up and packed into her book bag. I kept pushing, pushing, pushing, reminding her that open house was tonight and she had to have everything ready to go. We finally get everything together within minutes of me having to leave for a meeting.

This morning I was clutching my coffee cup and drinking (or should I say inhaling), desperately trying to wake up. Alyssa looks at me and says "Mom, do you know what day it is"? To which I respond, "Tuesday". She then says "Well, if it is Tuesday, why do we have to go to school tonight"? So I am thinking to myself what is she up to now? I stumble over to the calendar and point to open house on Tomorrow's date! She looks up at me all sweet and innocent and says, "Mommy, what would you ever do without me"? I pray that I will never have to find out!

In other news, this school year is shaping up to be a very busy one. The last two school years, we did not have Alyssa enrolled in any extra curricular activities. Jeff and I wanted to have time to bond as a family. This year, however, we decided that IF Alyssa wanted, she could join some activities. So far, she will have Choir practice every Tuesday, she will be taking violin lessons at school, and she is also talking about cheer leading and possibly dance or gymnastics. We came to a compromise. She is already committed to choir and violin. If she is able to maintain her commitments and stay caught up in school, we will let her try something else. I don't want her to take on too much and end up failing! She loves school - I want to keep it that way!


Lisa said...

You're such a super smart mom!

Unspeakable Joy said...

i rarely know what day it is here! :) kudos on the extra curriculars too. we limit ours to keep that family time too and it's so worth it. tho this soccer/football season doesn't FEEL limited in any way!!