Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

We had an interesting weekend. Friday night we went to Jeff's ballgame, the last one of the season. They lost but ended up finishing in either 2nd or 3rd place. They had to wait for the results of one more game to come in. Jeff went out with his team mates to celebrate the end of their season. Miss Alyssa and I went home. We discovered that the neighbors had a fire going so we sat around outside for quite a while. Alyssa and the neighbor girl went in to watch a movie. Around 11:00, Jeff called to see if we were still awake. He was ready to come home and wanted us to pick him up. I left Alyssa watching her movie and picked him up. We got home and proceeded to sit outside until 1:00am!!! Even Miss Alyssa was up that late!

Saturday, we slept in for a little bit and then got up and I worked on taking Alyssa's braids out. We worked on that until noon and them I started getting ready for a wedding we had to go to. In the mean time, Alyssa and the neighbor girl decided to have a kool-aid stand and ended up making like $10.00!

The wedding was a complete and utter disaster! All that I will say is that this is the first time ever that I can sincerely say that my husband completely and totally embarrassed me! Suffice it to say that our home is not real happy right now!

Sunday was a lazy day! We went for breakfast after church and then came home and hit the couch. None of us moved until late afternoon! Alyssa & Jeff went for a ride and then Alyssa went to her friends to play. Me? I did very little all day!

Tonight we see Paulette. We have a lot of good things to report! Alyssa's behavior has been awesome. I have to admit, I am starting to see the back to school antzies. Alyssa's mouth is getting sassy and she is much more argumentative. It is the whole back to school thing. Which, if I am being totally honest, I just don't get! Alyssa is going to the same school AND she has the same teacher that she has had for the last two years. The only thing different this year is that she will have a locker. She seams really excited to go back, but I can see the nervousness too! Hopefully, we will be able to sort some of that out tonight.


Lisa said...

Thought you would be interested in this post. Might make you feel much better.

Hopefully this might get Jeff out of the doghouse. ;-)

I remember the antzies. Ick! That's something for me to be grateful for. Little Alyssa is becoming quite the little family girl. Inspite of the antzies!

Unspeakable Joy said...

oh my word, the husband does the embarrassing?! i was thinking the daughter, a rad story, but the husbands sure can do their thing sometimes! hope it wasn't too bad! :) my only GOOD kid is acting crazy, so i guess he has the antzies! the radicals are taking it in stride, my world has gone insane. :)