Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Day

Paulette is a wise woman!

We began therapy last night by catching up. We had a lot of very good things to report. Alyssa was contributing, sitting up straight, and making great eye contact.

Then we got to the things that we still needed to work on. Alyssa suddenly got extremely tired, rubbing the eyes, the big fake yawns, the whole bit. She slumped down on her chair, wouldn't make eye contact and suddenly didn't understand anything.

Paulette called her on it! She told Alyssa that just because we had some things to correct and continue working on, it didn't mean that she was a bad kid. She told Alyssa that she was upset that she was wasting her time and asked her to leave the room. She told Alyssa that when she was ready to contribute to the therapy and work on being a family kid again, she could come back!

Alyssa very reluctantly left the room. We didn't even have to wait 5 minutes when there was a knock on the door. Paulette opened the door and in comes a sobbing Alyssa. She was honest, she was sincere, and she was REAL. She was able to voice some of her concerns, and give some of her feelings a name. She also admitted that she was afraid to talk about the bad stuff 'cause she was worried that we would realize that she WAS a bad kid and wouldn't love her anymore.

So therapy was very emotional! But we got through it. Alyssa finally got down to work and made some really good progress. We started The Secret Inside my Head workbook and Alyssa really embraced the concept and is even looking forward to working on it at home tonight. Thanks again Lisa for the book, you are an awesome friend!

Did I tell you guys that Alyssa was finally getting baptized? Well, it took a long time for Jeff & I to find a church that we both felt comfortable in, but we finally joined St. Mark's and couldn't be happier. So anyway, we go ahead and schedule Alyssa's baptism. There was so much going on over the summer that in order to coordinate every one's schedules, we ended up scheduling her baptism for Sept. 7th at 10:30am. So, last Sunday I am reading the bulletin after church and realize that not only is there NO 10:30am service on Sept. 7th, it is also the kick off day for Sunday school. So, yesterday I called the pastor and he finally called me back today. I think we are going to reschedule her baptism! We could do it, but I want it to be a special day for Alyssa and I don't want anything else to interfere with that. I have to talk to Jeff, but I really think we are going to have to re-schedule. Thank God I didn't have the invitations out yet! Well, we definitely have to reschedule. I just got an email from the Pastor saying that the 7th was not going to work! We only scheduled this 2 months ago, but apparently, he forgot to put it on the calendar! Oh well, life goes on. We will pick another day!

Oh and Lisa, I read the story you linked me before. I could handle that alot better than this. Don't worry about us though. Even though Jeff acted like an ASS, I still love him and am in it for the long haul. It irks my ass, but is by no means divorce material! I will make him suffer a while though!


Lisa said...

Whoo hoo Paulette!
Way to go Alyssa!!!!
Tickled you got the book. The original should be arriving anytime.
Whew! You escaped. After invitations are sent it is a crapper of a hard time to retract them.
While he's suffer make him give you foot rubs, massages, cook, clean, you know... make really great restitution. Work it baby! Work it!!!! Restitution isn't just for our kids. ;-)

Unspeakable Joy said...

glad it was a good, emotional session! although those are so draining.