Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank You

Last night, I was trying to get Alyssa ready for bed. She was going through her usual stalling tactics. As usual, I wasn't giving in and I got the your mean speech. I looked at her and said I know, I know, I'm the meanest Mom on the planet. Brush your teeth and go to bed. My little darling looked at me and opened her mouth to say something and then got this look on her face and said Mommy, I really didn't mean that. You aren't mean and you do a lot of stuff for me. And I don't say Thank you ever, so THANK YOU MOMMY!!! She really meant it and was so sincere!

I see so much progress in her healing. Some days it seems that nothing has changed and then things like this happen and I realize just how far she has actually come.

I went to see Alyssa's class play this morning. She was the Mom. It was so cute! She was so proud that I came and WAY excited over the fact that I brought the class a treat. She thanked me for coming and when I told her that she did a very good job at portraying the Mother, she said it's because she tried to act like me!

It is raining and crappy out and supposed to SNOW tonight, but LIFE IS GOOD and I am the happiest woman on the planet right now!


Tudu said...

I adore those moments, they are what keeps us going. What amazes me is how little we mothers need to keep going. We are more than willing to take so much of the negative stuff if we get a tiny bit of intentional nice back.

I can"t wait to get to know your family through your blog.

Thandi said...

That sounds wonderful. I've been reading Tudu's blog and I learnt a lot about RAD.It helped me tor ealsie what a HUGE deal Alyssa's comment was.