Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday night, I had to work. Alyssa had her book fair / spring dance at school so Jeff got to take her all my himself! When I asked Jeff if they had fun, his reply was "Alyssa did!". According to Alyssa, Daddy wouldn't dance with me, and according to Jeff, Alyssa danced all night with her friends! Alyssa was excited because she got to stay up late! I personally think they both had fun!

Saturday was a perfect spring day here! The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze and it was around 55. We decided that it was a good time to do some after winter clean up. Well, Alyssa got a phone call from her friend that is working with her on her social studies project and wanted to know if Alyssa could work on the report for a while. We agreed that they could work on the project for two hours, so the kids ended up at our house. I had to supervise them on the Internet and help them with questions, so I never did get any work done outside. Then of course, Alyssa wanted her friend to sleep over, so I said yes! Alyssa has been working very hard to be a good friend and she did just awesome on her sleep over! Her friend even had to go home earlier than expected on Sunday and she handled the disappointment really well! Sunday, she cleaned up her room from the overnight, and then played with the neighbor. I kept expecting an end of a busy weekend blowout and none came. She even went to bed a little early because she was tired!

This morning, we had a small defiance issue, but she realized that she was crossing the line when I thanked her for letting me know that she probably wasn't ready for THAT fun of a weekend. When she calmed down and thought about it, she knew she was wrong and said she was sorry. She still has to go to bed 1/2 hour early tonight though! We talked about the fact that she was always happy when things went her way, but if things weren't happening the way she thought they should happen, lookout! She is going to try really hard to improve!

You know, we had a long, busy weekend. But I realized how much progress Alyssa has made. Last year at this time I would have NEVER trusted her enough to have a friend sleep over. I would not have trusted her enough to let her play outside, unsupervised. I would not have trusted her to make good choices. This weekend, I had no worries! Alyssa was responsible, respectful, and fun to be with all weekend long. She has made very good choices in her friends, and actually asked me to help her on her new bike!

My little girl is growing up and healing her heart, all at the same time!