Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tapping & Chucky Cheese

OK, I admit that I am new to the Mom thing. I also admit that it has been ALOT of years since I was in the 3rd grade. But, I swear to God that teachers give out "group" projects as a way to punish parents. On the one hand, its great that Alyssa gets to work as a team and be able to practice NOT being the boss. But, on the other hand, why is it that so far, every get together has been at MY house? And why am I the only Mom purchasing supplies? Now, I realize that this is my first official group project as a Mom, but I seem to remember the whole group getting together and assigning each person a project. One of the little girls has not even been over because her Mom will only let her get together at the library! I have asked Alyssa repeatedly to get this little girls phone number so that I can call her Mom and set something up for the girls to get together. Apparently, this little girl won't give Alyssa her phone number!? I told Alyssa to ask one more time and if she still won't give her the number, I will talk to her teacher. Now, I have two thoughts on this issue, 1) this little girl has home issues, 2) Alyssa and the other girl working on the project are trying to "force" this girl to the outside. I told Alyssa that if I find out that #2 is the correct scenario, she was in BIG trouble. So, we will see what happens.

Jeff had therapy last night and he learned some "Tapping" techniques. I have heard very good things about this type of therapy so hopefully Jeff will have some success with it. Alyssa wanted to know why Daddy had to go to therapy alone, but when she has therapy, Mommy and Daddy get to go with her to help! I told her that sometimes when you are an adult, you have adult problems and you need to work on those problems by yourself. But I also told her that if Daddy needs our help with anything, he will ask us! I was really proud of Alyssa for being concerned about Daddy. We decided that if Jeff has success with the tapping, we are going to enquire about it for Alyssa.

I want to do something this weekend! I want to have fun as a family! This means we have to go somewhere because if we stay home, I won't be able to just let the chores sit. So, we will probably go away, where? I have no clue! We are going to talk about it at supper tonight. This morning we decided that we each had to come up with an idea and then we would decide tonight. Alyssa informed me that her idea was to go to Chucky Cheese! Like that will be fun for Mom & Dad! We'll see, maybe we can sneak it in!


Lisa said...

Whoo for tapping!!!! Jordan & I both do it and it helps so much!
You are such an awesome mom!!!