Friday, April 18, 2008

A Mean Mom!

Last night was AWFUL!!!

Alyssa decided that she was going to be in control of everything and when I got in her way, she blew!

She came home from school OBSESSING about a social studies project that was assigned. She needed to call another girl to come over because they were working on the project together. OK, fine, not a problem, but when the little girl wasn't home, Alyssa became obsessed with this project, worrying that the little girl would be mad that she didn't call(uh, she did?????), they wouldn't get done(project isn't due until the end of MAY), on and on and on!

I told Alyssa that she needed to get started on her homework. She did her language worksheet, and then I said, let's do your reading(she reads to me for 15 min). Well she didn't want to do her reading yet, wanted to study spelling! OK, no problem. I start quizzing her on her spelling words 'cause she has a test on Friday, every word she spells wrong, and then I get, it's too hard! I told Alyssa that her brain needed a recharge and I wanted her to do a strong sit! Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because she starting screaming! Then, she hit me and then she kicked me! That is when I informed her that she just earned herself an early bedtime because she was clearly showing me she was tired! She comes back with You're mean! I said yes, I know, I'm the meanest Mom on the planet. She looks me right in the eye and snarls, Now I know why God didn't give you kids!!!! It was said with pure hate! I started to cry! I then thanked her for making me cry and then informed her that she was going right to bed. It was 7:00pm. She immediately apologized('cause she knew she went too far). I thanked her for the apology and told her she still had to go to bed. She got really ugly twice after that when she tried to con me into letting her stay up and I wouldn't cave, but she finally fell asleep about 7:45pm.

This morning she apologized again. This time, I think it was sincere!


Lisa said...

I'm soooooo sorry.....maybe now that she's blown things will improve. Hoping so anyway....
God did give you kids. He gave you a smarty pants Alyssa...
You are a fabulous mom!
Keep up the great work!

Thandi said...