Monday, April 14, 2008

Rambling thoughts and a Guardian Angel

We had a very lazy weekend!

We didn't do anything very exciting and we had no upsets or outbursts! That in itself makes it very noteworthy! Alyssa has made such wonderful progress. She is more open to talking about her feelings, and is very quick to apologize when she is being disrespectful. I am proud of her... Oh yea, that reminds me, Alyssa brought her report card home on Friday. She received ALL 3's (commendable) for effort! It was a very good report.

Saturday night Jeff and I had a date night. We met Bruce & Tammy and had a few drinks. Bruce is Jeff's brother. He is my God send and I really don't know how our family would survive without him! He picks Alyssa up from Girl Scouts on Wednesdays and he is my "McGuiver". Bruce can fix anything and is the first person we call when something breaks or when we need help building something. Tammy is my best friend(we go way back to middle school) and just happens to be engaged to Bruce. Tammy has two kids. Siarra would have been 20 in June. She was killed in a car accident three years ago. Cody will be 13 in August. He is an awesome kid who loves Alyssa and puts up with a whole lot from her! Tammy babysat for Alyssa over spring break. We were talking about how the week went and I don't know why this made me so happy, but Alyssa told Tammy that she was mean! Now you would think that I would be sad for Tammy, but I giggled like a little girl! I was so excited that Tammy finally got to see the real Alyssa, that I couldn't stop smiling! Just so you all know, Alyssa loves her "Auntie" and has told me many times that she wishes Auntie could be her Mom. To know that Auntie got the "you're mean" speech, made my heart a little lighter!

Anyway, we got on the subject of Alyssa's strange fascination with anything Siarra. From the first day we had Alyssa, she has had this "connection" to Siarra. Alyssa informed me that she knew Siarra because she was her guardian angel! I don't doubt it for a moment! If I ever had any doubt, the weird tongue roll that Alyssa could suddenly do was proof enough! The only two people on the planet that could do this weird, strange tongue roll thing was Siarra and Cody. Well, one day, just like that(as I snap my finger)Alyssa could do it too! It freaked us all out! You know people always say that when one door closes, another opens. I think that is true. I have been thinking about that alot since Saturday and I truly believe that a part of Siarra will always live on in Alyssa. I can't explain it, I can't put my finger on an exact reason, but my heart tells me that Siarra is sitting on Alyssa's shoulder. I just hope that she is guiding Alyssa on all the good things and not teaching her "all ways to irk Gerri". Truth be told, I think she's doing both. God help me!

OK, enough of my rambling! I saw the weather report and we are supposed to see 60 this week! Dare I hope that spring is actually, finally here!