Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, I think that spring is making everyone act weird! I just don't get it! I love spring! It is a time of rebirth, fresh starts, new life! Hopeful! Not for my daughter! She is winding up for a blowout, I can feel it but I can't put my finger on the trigger. Last night she wanted to sleep on the floor! When I told her no, animals sleep on the floor, little girls sleep in their beds, she got all bucky and obstinate and wanted to fight. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction but HUH??????? Where in the hell did THAT come from? She also brought a note home from school saying that she was very chatty! That didn't surprise me. I think that we bring so many thoughts and feelings up in therapy that in order for her to quiet her thoughts she chats to drown them out. But, something is up with my sweetie, I just know it!

Jeff started his therapy last night. He wanted me to go along as it was his first appointment and needed some support. I liked the therapist and I think she will be able to help him put his demons to sleep. Next week he is all on his own! I can't tell you how proud I am to be his wife!

Our homework this week is peacefulness an family unity. We are supposed to work on making it better. We brought home Dairy Queen for a treat last night and Jeff's idea of "working together" was throwing every body's dish away when we were done! He was so proud of himself! God love him!!!

I need a new car! My piece of shit Neon is going to fall apart from under me soon! But oh, the thought of another car payment makes me want to cry! I keep hoping that we will win the lottery but I guess that is not likely to happen! There are so many important projects that need to be done around the house, plus a car, how do we prioritize? Do we get a car and hope that the roof holds up for one more year? OK, enough boo-hooing! Tomorrow is another day!


Lisa said...

Hey Gerri!
I'm hoping Alyssa doesn't blow but wanted to share with you that on my little zebras board a LOT of parents swear that histimine is a huge problem for our kids this time of year with all the blooming stuff. Just wanted to throw that out there just in case....
You're an awesome mom!