Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life as a YO-Yo!

Last night, Miss Alyssa was responsible, respectful, and fun to be with! We had supper and we talked about our day. Alyssa asked about mine and Jeff's day, poured the milk for everyone, and was a pleasant, happy, NORMAL, child!

After supper, she worked on homework (she had already done her strong sit by the time I got home!), worked on homework that wasn't due yet(whoo, hoo!) and then asked if we could watch a little TV. So we snuggled up on the couch and watch a program for 1/2 hour and then it was bed time.

We did our usual bed time ritual: Story, we gave her the destination for her dreams, and hugs and kisses. I had just closed her bedroom door when I hear "Mom?". I walked back in her room and asked her what was up. Alyssa wanted to know if I would still love her if she was bad. Well, I assured her that I would always love her, no matter what! She seemed happy with that and snuggled down to bed.

I have to admit that this question has sent red flags flying all over! Now I'm wondering OK, what did she do? I really hope I'm wrong, but I'll just have to wait and see. Then, almost 2 hours after putting Alyssa to bed, she comes wondering out of her room saying she had a sore throat. So being the great Mom I am, I sprayed the "magic" spray and shooed her back to bed. I went in her room to tuck her back in and she was laying on the floor!!! I just do not get it! Why does she want to sleep on the floor? She has a perfectly good bed, clean sheets, and a warm blanket, all decorated in "High School Musical". WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR???????

OK, I'm over my outrage, but I must admit that this is going to bug me until I can figure it out!

This morning, Alyssa was once again a joy to be with. I hope this lasts, I really am starting to look forward to the time we get to spend together in the mornings. My daughter is a bright, silly, goofy, happy little girl!

I feel like I am a yo-yo! One minute we have perfectly normal behavior and then the very next moment, something strange happens like Alyssa wanting to sleep on the floor! I must admit that I am very confused by all this and sometimes I get frustrated. I am trying very hard to go with the flow and not get all crazy! That is a very difficult thing for me! I have a tendency to get stuck on the little stuff sometimes.

I am going to choose my moments and attempt some "heart to hearts" with Alyssa. I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT!

Jeff has therapy tonight. I think he is actually looking forward to getting started. I know he really wants to feel normal again, and Lord knows, I want my husband back!

Here are some rambling thoughts:
I think I have spring fever!
I really need a new car!
I miss Tammy.
I really think that I am weird!

Life is good!