Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Good Day

Another good day! Alyssa was able to stay on task, and get back on track when she needed to.

Actually, she only had one rough patch. She was supposed to help Daddy with two chores. Necessary chores required for her to be able to attend a birthday party on Friday. She did the first chore with no complaints. When it came time to do the second, she decided that she was going to be in charge instead of Jeff. Jeff immediately put a stop to her control and said that she had a choice: either do it his way or don't do it at all. He then turned around and walked away. She complained and ranted that he wasn't being fair and yada yada yada. He then asked her what her choice was going to be. She chose to do the chore his way, and be his assistant instead of the leader!!!

Yea for Jeff!

Alyssa wanted to blog last night but between homework, required chores, and Ash Wednesday service at church, she didn't have time. I was just happy that she wanted to blog!!!

Our last therapy session with Paulette has definitely made changes here. Jeff has become more involved in day to day stuff, and Alyssa is once again working hard to be a family kid! As a result, I feel much more relaxed and calm. Win, win for all involved!

I am going to enjoy this new phase in our life. I am going to pray that it continues.....


Lisa said...

Woo Hoo!

J really misses Alyssa when she doesn't blog. She's enjoying the connection too!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

YAY! Keep up the good stuff!

Ashley said...

Excellent news, Miss Geri!

Dia por Dia said...

I just found your blog a couple of days ago and wanted to say Thank You. I have an 8 year old daughter with RAD who keeps me searching for new ideas to help her especially around trust and control. Your blog and your family have touched my heart and I just wanted to tell you that. So, thank you again and I am so glad things are on an upswing for you.