Friday, February 6, 2009

Alyssa has a Blog!

Alyssa has been inspired to blog! She is at The Secret Life of Me. Her blog is set to private, so if you would like to follow her story, please comment and we will see if Alyssa will add you. So far she said she just wants to talk to kids, but we will see. I think J's courage really inspired her.

Just a note of caution: Alyssa has final say over who gets to read her blog, so don't be hurt if she says no. She may go public later, but for now, she feels better being private.


Yondalla said...


I'm an adult and totally respect your desire to write for kids only, but I really want to wish you luck with your blog!

Lisa said...

This is sooooo great! Yay Alyssa!

I'd love to be approved but if she just wants J, I will totally respect her privacy. J's email is

Lisa said...

P.S. Gerri you have got check out Essie at

She is going to make you pee your pants!

littlebear said...

That is awesome! I think blogs are really good for kids. I can't wait until Abby is old enough to have one... maybe I could just type it for her???

Tracey said...

I just found your blog and would love to read Alyssa's story. God Bless

Kelsey Jean Hale said...

i wnat to read alyssa's story

i have a blog myself! its called the kjh project i'm gonna restart my blog so it can be readable!