Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Get a way

We got the heck out of dodge for the weekend!

We planned a spur of the moment, inexpensive, weekend get a way. We went to see the Titanic exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum, and then spent the night at the Hilton, where they have an indoor water park. We got a fantastic package deal and we had a blast!

We decided to let Alyssa bring a friend along. We made the right decision. Both girls enjoyed the weekend, and Jeff and I were able to relax too. If Alyssa didn't have a friend along, we would not been able to just sit back and relax. We enjoyed watching the girls have fun!

Alyssa did awesome all weekend! Yea!!! When we got home yesterday, the neighbor kids were outside playing. Alyssa bundled up and out she went. She was outside for about 45 minutes when I heard the screaming and Alyssa came running in the house. She got hit in the face with an ice chunk! It was an accident, but wouldn't you think that the neighbor would at least walk over and see if Alyssa was ok? I would have gone to check! Any way, Alyssa has a cut on her eyelid, and on her nose. I was worried about her having a shiner, but this morning everything had faded.

She woke up this morning a little out of sorts. I had prepared myself for a rough morning because of the fun weekend, but I am happy to report that Alyssa pulled herself together, turned things around, and got off to school on time! She even has a cold and doesn't feel real great, and yet a pretty good morning!

Woo Hoo!!!


Lisa said...

Sounds like tons of fun!!!!! I'm so tickled that Alyssa was able to pull it together today! Yahoo!!!!

Ashley said...

Sounds lke fun !

Dinah said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

How fun! The Titanic exhibit is really neat if it is the same one that went thru Chicago a few years back. Did they have the ship model someone built out of... uh, matchsticks? popsicle sticks? tooth picks, something like that. Anyway, sounds great!

littlebear said...

Sounds awesome! We went to a waterpark this weekend too... in the Dells! It is often a lot easier to let kids bring a friend, because then they have someone to play with, and don't have to rely on adults to entertain them the whole time!

Accidental Mommy said...

I'm glad things are turning around for you guys.