Friday, February 20, 2009

Laundry Day

Yesterday was a good day! The morning went really smooth and after school, Alyssa decided that she wanted to make supper for us. I took her (and her cookbook) to the grocery store and she picked out the ingredients that she would need. We got home and she followed the recipe and did everything by herself. I supervised and helped when she asked. She made lasagna roll ups for dinner and for dessert, apple pie strudels! It was wonderfully delicious! She even did the dishes when she finished cooking!

After dinner, we went to a jewelry party that a friend of mine was having. I told Alyssa that if she wanted to buy something, she would have to use her own money. So she looked through the catalog and very carefully chose two items that she wanted. She asked my advice, and I approved. They were age appropriate, (she usually chooses things that are way too old for her) and fit within her budget. So she forked over her cash, and THANKED me for taking her along!

We got home late. It was thirty minutes past bed time and she got her jammies on, brushed her teeth, and went peacefully to bed.

Miracles do happen!

Today I am going to get caught up on the laundry that I have pushed off all week. I usually do at least 1 load every day and it is now Friday and I haven't done any. So I am going to try to get it all caught up so that we can enjoy the weekend without having to do chores!


Lisa said...

Woo hoo! I'll just bet that was the best dinner ever!

It's laundry, vacuuming, mopping & dusting day around here. And I am sick of it. J gets to do the bathrooms. Thank goodness because I think I threw my back out mopping.

Tracey said...

Color me jealous - brushed her teeth AND went to bed without complaint? AND cooked you dinner?? AND CLEANED UP??? Please tell me your secret! ;)