Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Busy Mom

We have been busy preparing for Valentine's Day. Alyssa chose to make Cupid's Cups to make for her class treat. They are a little putzy, but we are having fun doing them. Even Jeff got creative with the chocolate and enjoyed making designs on the cups.

Getting Alyssa to journal has always been a challenge. I am hoping that blogging will change that. She seems to like the idea of doing a blog, so maybe this will be a great thing for her. I am not pushing her to blog, when she asks to go on her blog, I let her. She is still keeping things private, but is VERY excited to be in contact with J, another kid just like her, so she says!

We hit a rough patch with our vehicles. It seems that everything went to hell in a hand basket all at once. First, over Christmas, someone hit our truck and ran. $3,000 later, we had a $200 deductible to pay and our truck is fixed. Then, we discovered that my car doesn't like to start when it gets cold. Now folks, I live in Wisconsin, it is cold here all the time! The shop finally figured out what the problem is and it is covered under warranty, but we have to pay the $75 deductible. Then, the service engine light comes on in the truck. We took it in and it seems the water pump was leaking! So that added another $500 to the vehicle total. And, while the truck was up on the lift, it was discovered that the sidewalls of the tires are shot, so we need new tires - NOW! So far, the cheapest estimate for new tires is $1000. Where that is going to come from is yet to be seen. All of these issues on their own are no biggy. But why do they have to happen all at once??????

I have discovered that while I enjoy being a stay at home Mom, I NEED to get back to work! I like working. I know, who knew? I like the challenge of the daily grind, and believe it or not, I get more things done when I have more to do. I am hoping that I will find a job soon, but the way the economy is, I am not holding my breath. I know the perfect job is out there and I'll find it!

So, lastly, Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lisa taught Alyssa how to do the hearts - THANK'S LISA, LOVE IT! ♥

One last thing. Alyssa said I should tell everyone that if you would like to be able to read her blog, send your email address and why you would like to read her blog and she will consider adding you!


Lisa said...

Journaling was always a problem for J too. She loves blogging because of the comments and followers. The comments rock her world. It's like her own little fan club in her eyes and really builds her self-esteem.

So sorry all the stuff is hitting at once. That sucks.

Email me and I'll send you the links for smiley's. Didn't know how much access you give Alyssa to the computer so I thought I'd give them to you. I save them in a picture folder and use them when I want them. Jo- Tangled Me taught me this!

Accidental Mommy said...

Hi Alyssa,

I'm writing to ask permission to be added to your blog. My name is Sasha and I have 5 kids, 4 of them are RAD kids. SS (girl)- will be 10 next month, CDQ (girl)- will be 9 in two weeks, Poufy just turned 8 last month (also a girl) and the boy is 7. The oldest does not have RAD but she will be 13 in two weeks.

I share things with them from J's blog. J has taught them how to tap, karate chops and fear rubbing. My kids don't use the computer yet because I am still unpacking boxes and haven't had a chance to set up computers for them.

Our e-mail address is reighnie (ta) hotmail (tod) com. My kids like to see other kids who have the same struggles as them. So far they only know of J.

Hope you have a good day!