Friday, February 13, 2009

I suck!

We started this morning happy and smiling. It ended with tears and yelling. Yelling on my part and tears from Alyssa.

It began when Alyssa asked me to look at her foot, she thought she had a sliver. So, I looked at her foot, and yes, a little sliver in her heal. I get the tweezer out and touch her foot and holy bloody hell, the screaming started and you would have thought that I was amputating her foot! I lost it - completely! I grabbed her foot and yanked out the sliver, the whole while lecturing her about the excess of drama and how so many kids are suffering from real illnesses and injuries and she was screaming bloody murder over a sliver! I continued to lecture her all the way to school about how she should be counting her blessings instead of carrying on over a sliver!

Then, we got to school and I say, "Love you sweetie, have a nice day!" Alyssa looked at me like I had flipped my lid, perhaps she was right.

I suck!

P.S. When I hyperlink something on my blog, it is not showing up with a different color, even though I have a special color set in my settings. Any ideas? It is driving me nuts and at this point I don't think I need anything else pushing me over the ledge!


Lisa said...

You so DON'T suck. You had a bad morning.

J used to do this all. the. time. I hated it. Then I started saying, bummer, honey. Wonder what you're gonna do about that? Then she'd ask me to help and I would but only after she asked. Horrible mother I know. I just hated the fake drama stuff.

You rock!

Linus said...

as i always say, our kids will always give us a chance to get it right. You dont suck, your just human. Trust me, she will give you another shot to get it

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what sucks is taking out someone else's splinters. It's such a weird feeling. I'm not surprised it sort of set both of you off. It definitely doesn't mean YOU suck at all.

I do hope Alyssa comes home from school over it and you can both move on to other, better things.