Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Packers 24, Vikings 19: Total team effort!

I am a Packer FAN! I admit that the world stops every week so that we can watch the game! I am passionate about my team! I was a fan when they barely won a game. I harassed Torina because she is a Viking fan, but in my defense, she started it! I must admit that the whole Brett Favre saga this summer saddened me a great deal. It reminded me that football is no longer a team sport, it is a business! "The Love of the Game" doesn't mean the same as what it did 20 years ago, and "For the Good of the Team" is a non existent phrase. Now it seems that players play tough to fill their own pocket and pad their own stats! That part of the game I definitely do not like. But back to my Packers....... My heart hurt not to see Brett at the helm. But I was very relieved that Aaron had a decent showing. I'm hoping that we can improve on the mistakes and continue to be a team to contend with.

And for all you Vikings Fans................. NAA NAA NA BOO BOO!!!!!!



Torina said...

So mad. So. So. MAD> GRRRRR. Stupid Vikings. Always letting me down. And yet I will tune in again. The worst part is they lost to the PACKERS. Have a nice evening, cheesehead ;)

Heather said...

My husband is a cheesehead, and gets a lot of harassment here in the land of the Vikings. He's taught our son to be a fan too, so you can imagine the yelling which came from our basement on Monday.

Our son is thrilled in school this year, though. His teacher is a Packer fan, too.