Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Party Time!

Alyssa's birthday party is tonight! She is so excited but also really nervous! She passed out 20 invitations and 18 kids are able to come! Last night we went to Walmart and purchased items for the gift bags for her guests. Alyssa made very good suggestions and smart choices regarding price, and types of items for the gift bags. She became very quiet, and when we were back in the car, I asked her if she was getting tired. She looked at me and said "Mom, you are spending a lot of money on my party. Why?" I told her that every little girl deserved to feel special on her birthday, and just because she had a summer birthday, she should still get to have a party! Her response to me was "Mom, you make me feel special every day!" I just about cried!

She continued to be very quiet, but once we got home, she pitched in and together we got all her gift bags made up and everything ready for the party. We finished about 2 minutes prior to her bedtime so she rushed to get her pajamas on and her teeth brushed. She asked if she could lay in bed and watch 15 minutes of TV. I said OK because I figured she needed some time to unwind. When her 15 minutes were up, I went into her room to kiss her goodnight and tuck her in. She asked for a story. The rule is if you get to stay up late, no story. Well, let me tell you, she pitched a fit! Started wailing and crying, so totally fake, you know? I just said "I love you"! and walked out of the room.

Not 2 minutes later, she got up, asked to go to the bathroom, and came and apologized for her behavior. I tucked her back into bed, and told her that I knew why she just pitched a fit, and did she want to know? She said yes. So I told her that while she was really excited for her party, a part of her felt like she didn't deserve it, so she was going to prove that she didn't. She looked at me with utter shock and said, "You're Right!" She then looked at me and declared (in a very exasperated tone of voice) "I HATE that! You are ALWAYS right!" HeHeHe, chalk one up for Mom!

This morning, very clingy, very nervous! But, she was being appropriate in her nervousness. She told me she had a bad dream last night. No one showed up for her party! I assured her that everyone would show up. My daughter has really worked on her friendship skills and made a lot of friends and is actually quite popular! She has certainly come a long way!

Now, all we have to do is get through the party with no one breaking anything! (Her party is at a Roller Skating rink). Wish us luck!


ali said...

what ayucky dream> :( i hope her self esteem improves over the year. sometimes i think jackys is, but sometimes i think its by day! have a GREAT party alissa!

Heather said...

Great catch on the cause for her behavior. I will have to remember that one!

I hope she has a great party, and I would love to see how she has done with her friends. This is a really hard area for our Alyssa, and I haven't yet figured out how to teach her to be an 11-yr-old girl.

Unspeakable Joy said...

yay! boy she seems to be handling things well. well besides the fits of course, but that's easy(ish) to overlook. sounds like you handle them well. can't wait to hear about the party!
by the way, i took a trip to utah and drove by the set of high school musical 3 and my daughter freaked! :)