Friday, September 19, 2008

Much Better

Wow do I feel better!

It is amazing how good if feels to just get everything off your chest. After blogging yesterday, I decided to again talk to Jeff. I talked(vented actually) to him for a good solid 30 min. I really think he may have got it! He first let me rant, then he asked what he could do to make my days easier, and then he promised to try harder.

I really can't ask for more. I love my family, I really do. Sometimes I just get tired and I need to vent.

We have a busy weekend coming up. I work tonight at the bar and tomorrow is our fund raiser for Special Olympics. Alyssa is excited because she gets to spend the whole day with Cody. I look forward to the Special Olympics brat fry every year because you get to see so many people you normally don't see. Jeanie is home from CA even! Last year we raised over $6,000. This year we hope to increase that amount. It is a lot of hard work for everyone, and a really long day, but so totally worth it and tons of fun to boot!

Sunday our church is having the kick off to it's 100th anniversary celebration, and then we will get to watch my beloved Packers beat Dallas! GO PACK!!!

Lastly, please pray for my friend Lisa. Her mother is ill and could use every one's prayers.