Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Warning! Bitchy Post

I am so tired!

I am tired of feeling taken advantage of, taken for granted, and tired of being the mean Mommy!

We saw Paulette last night, and she wants us to go back to basics. So tonight, 15 minutes before bedtime, we get to go into Alyssa's room, and anything that is not put away, becomes mine! I hate doing this. I thought we had gotten past doing this.

Alyssa is going to test. She is going to leave her room a mess for at least the next 3 or 4 days. Just to see if we are going to be consistent. Then the crying will start, then the begging, then the meltdown. I can see the writing on the wall.

I hope I am proven wrong.

Alyssa apologized to us last night. She used the 5 step apology and to prove that she was sincere, promised to get up every day this week early enough to have breakfast with Daddy and be ready to leave the house on time. Well, guess what. She ate breakfast with Jeff and the minute he left for work, Little Miss Sunshine was gone and I ended up with the "screw you" attitude. So, does that mean that she was sincere in her apology to Jeff, and didn't give a rat's ass about me? 'Cause that's the way I feel!

I get all the crap from Alyssa and lately, very little of the good stuff. I'm tired of being the enforcer. I told Jeff last night that I'm done! From now on, he would be doing 95% of the discipline and I would be the one to just have fun! That way, he can be the one doing 95% of the bitching too and I can be the happy one for a change! This was what he told Paulette last night. She asked about the discipline and I was not pointing fingers, just stating fact when I said that I do probably 95% of the discipline. Jeff piped up with "Well, for sure 95% of the hollering"! This comment really hurt me and I haven't talked to him about it yet. What gets me is that I do most of the discipline because Jeff is very non-confrontational. So, I just do it. But then, he turns around and makes a comment like that. I'm going to talk to him tonight. If that's the way he feels, he can do all of it, and then he won't have to listen to me bitch!

I NEED A VACATION.................................BY MYSELF!!!


Lisa said...

Get in your car and start driving to GA. Would love to have you come visit. You could sit around and eat bon-bons all day.

I am sooo sorry Gerri. Consider yourself hugged {{{{Gerri}}}}. Seriously...come on down south for a few days. :-)

Dinah said...

Sounds like Alyssa is a master at triangulation.

I take most of the "stuff" from Little B too. It stinks. It's so hard. And it really can bring a person down. I know. I've been there and probably will be soon again.

Torina said...

I agree with Dinah. Alyssa is playing you two like a fiddle. Tara did this. We sat her down and told her we saw through her little show. We told her that if she was mean to one of us, she was being mean to both. If she hugged one of us, she was hugging both...and so on. That, essentially, JB and I were the same person, with the same answer, and she better get used to it cause every time she was going to treat us differently, that she would have to pay the consequences (I forget what these were, something just as weird as what she was doing, this was a few years ago, so I can't remember anymore).

Sounds like you two need a date-night (i.e. strategy-session). Our kids are good at wedging in between good relationships. :)

Accidental Mommy said...

I know how you feel. I do most of the discipline so no one really wants to spend time with me. Which at this point, I'm like Whatever!

They have little tea parties with Hubs and they talk to him and all I get is "I need this" or "where's my clothes? (dinner,etc...)"

Awhile back I had told Hubs that he needed to start disciplining the kids too and being more strict with them. He said something like "what am I supposed to do? Yell at them until they are afraid of me like they are of you?" That hurt. Especially since it was total BS these kids aren't afraid in the least.

I find myself wanting to run away from it all too. But I can't because I do everything for Hubs (since he's a quad.)

I hate having to start all over too. I can't understand why.

I'm probably not doing anything to help make you feel any better but I just had to let you know I agree with you. It sucks!

Annie said...

I always felt so crazy thinking there was no way they could turn off the sweet before Daddy turned out of the driveway. One day it was so bad, I made dad come home, when he got home no one had any idea what I was talking about. I wish I'd heard of blogging back then.

Hang in there.

Thandi said...

OUCH!Not a good comment to make.Shae, hope he understod how insensitive it is.I've been reading other mommy's blogs with RAD and it really seems to be a common theme-pick on mommy...The very mommy who has to deal with you more, deal with the tantrums etc.