Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby Time

Jeff picked Alyssa up from school and she was so happy! She then proceeded to "be a baby" for the next 3 hours!

Jeff held her and cuddled her, even fed her a "bottle". By the time I got home from work, they were cuddled up together on the couch watching "A Goofy Movie". Alyssa was still in baby mode, and wanted me to feed her a "bottle". We did this until after we ate, then told Alyssa that she had to be 9 again so she could get her homework done.

The evening went pretty smooth, although Alyssa was very emotional. Kid gloves were needed to avoid a meltdown. She went to bed and was out the minute her head hit the pillow!

This morning, she woke up happy, silly, and relaxed! She has no residual behaviors and apologized for her behavior the last couple of days! Oh, and this apology was unprompted!!! She used the 5 Step Apology, and offered to do some extra chores to make up for giving Mom & Dad a hard time.

Jeff walked her to school this morning, and the two of them were laughing and singing as they headed off down the road!

Once again, all is right in my world!


Lisa said...

OMG....she let Jeff....sitting in shock here. That's totally awesome!!! Apology??? Yippee!!!
Totally rockin news!