Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was wrong!

I was proven wrong!

By the time I got home from work, Alyssa had her homework done, had her room cleaned and was ready to go to choir practice. She apologized for not keeping her promise to me and said that she was determined to do better!

Jeff & I dropped her off at choir, and then went for parent/teacher conferences at school. She is doing great! She is showing a great deal of maturity and responsibility, and is well liked! The only problem - and it is a big one - she rushes through everything, just to be the first one finished! As a result, her test scores are terrible. Her teacher assures us that the test results are not an accurate reflection of Alyssa's knowledge of a subject. For example: Alyssa was given a reading test. She was finished in 9 minutes and scored a 118. The lowest score in the 4th grade, even lower than the special ed classes and the kids with learning disabilities. The 118 score was like a pre-1st grade level! Her teacher had her retake the test, telling Alyssa to slow down and take her time. She scored in the high 600's!

So we came up with a plan for rewarding Alyssa if she is able to slow down. If she is able to be successful, she will get to take a treat for her class. Alyssa will get to be the center of attention for bringing in treats and Mom & Dad will get to be the cool parents that are proud of their daughter and want the world to know!

Let's hope it works!


motherissues said...

You should be proud of Alyssa! It's great to see a post full of positives here. You've made so much progress together.

Lisa said...

Wonderful news Gerri! Sounds like a fabulous plan to me! It's also great that the teacher recognizes her abilities and is working with y'all. Yahoo!