Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 2yr anniversary. It was a rough weekend - Alyssa wore her emotions very close to the surface. If you looked at her wrong, she would burst into tears and be all "Why are you yelling at me?"


When Alyssa first joined our family, she was such a lost little girl. And then, once the honeymoon was over, man was she pissed! And guess who took the brunt of her anger? Yup, I did. Even last year, we saw behaviors that were all over the map. But last year they were still coupled with anger. Last year I was still being kicked, hit, pinched, slapped, etc, etc,etc.

Now, just one short year later. We could still tell what the date was. Alyssa has been having a rough couple of weeks. But, I can happily report that we have had no anger! We've seen her slack in school, slack at home, be weepy sad, giddy happy, and everything in between. She has been sassy, stubborn, disrespectful and controlling. BUT we have seen NO ANGER!!!!!


Last night Jeff & I talked about how stressful the weekend was because Alyssa was so touchy and we were on pins and needles. Today, I have been thinking about what I wanted to say in this post and I realized how much progress Alyssa has made.

So I will close this post by saying that the last two years have brought about every emotion under the sun. Our family has been on the brink of despair, only to turn and walk into sunshine. We have grown as a family and I think, really appreciate what it means to be a family. We have changed in the past two years. We went from being in survival mode, to getting to enjoy our daughter. Yea, she still has a way to go. But for today, I am counting my blessings.

God answered my prayer. I asked for a daughter. And boy did I get one! I wouldn't trade her for the world!!!


Lisa said...

Whoo hoo! Great pic too. Y'all make a beautiful family! We'll get there too one day

Torina said...

I agree! Great picture! DESPITE the fact that you are all Packed up.

Maia said...

Happy Anniversary!

Unspeakable Joy said...

congrats! and yes, what a great picture! so glad you can look back and see the progress. our 2 yr date is coming up in 2 weeks too. hm, guess i should pay more attention to the way too often crying fits lately! doh! :)