Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anonymous Comments

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like a whiny, immature slob. Dump him immediately. You can do better.

I no longer allow anonymous comments.

To the idiot that left this comment:
You are obviously not married or divorced. Yes, I complain about some of the things that my husband does or doesn't do. I am certain that I do things that drive him over the edge too!

Marriage is hard work! It takes commitment and compromise. My husband is my soul mate! He is my partner in life and the father of my child! How you presume to think he is a whiny, immature slob is beyond me.

So, going forward - no more anonymous comments! If you have something to say, say it! But don't say it behind my back, hiding behind anonymity! Have enough balls to say it to my face!


Christine said...

I have had to recently deal with anonymous comments too. However, I found that there are way more nice anon comments then bad so I just censor them rather than shut them down completely. Just a thought.
BTW, I love your header.

Queen Mommy said...

You don't dump the love of your life for being whiny or a slob! can work on both of those things. Marriage is alot of work but so well worth the effort! Everyone has to find their path. We all are evolving. Learning to make things better..! Good Luck again with your new plan!

I think you Rock!

Nels, Amber and AnaElizabeth said...

Hi, I am a transracial adoptive parent but I don't have a child with RAD, I have been amazed in your journey with your daughter. I was thinking about the anonymous comment you received. And I don't think they get it. You have finally reached a point were during therapy you can talk about helping with chores and not how to restrain or retrain. You have reached a "normalacy" in life. It is amazing to reach a turning point where life is not about RAD but about chores, that must be a blessing at this time. So ignore the comment because they don't get it.

Anonymous said...

what a horrible comment to have been left!! that is frustrating when people do that! I hope it's better now and that at least you had a solution.