Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bitch

We saw Paulette last night.

My issues hijacked the session.

I opened my mouth and out poured all my frustration, stress, and yes, I'll say it, anger. Add a ton of hurt feelings in there and you can imagine my mood!

I admit it. I have been feeling used and abused! I am so sick and tired of doing EVERYTHING in my house and I said so last night. I am sick to death of Jeff and Alyssa waltzing through life just dumping crap everywhere and assuming Mom will pick it up. I get no help and I am on the verge of giving up. Jeff does nothing around the house. Alyssa sees his terrible habits and falls in step right next to him! Can I get on her for leaving her stuff lay around when her Dad is setting such a crappy example?

I have allowed things to get too out of hand. Last night I drew the line. I demanded help! I am also demanding respect! I am sick and tired of being the mean Mom or the bitchy wife because I am telling them what to do! No more! Each one of us now have things we are responsible for each day. THEY WILL GET DONE! I am not doing everything, by myself, anymore.

I have made excuses and let things slide because it was just easier to do things myself. I take complete responsibility for that. But no more! We are at a point in our family when it is not just about survival anymore. Alyssa has made so much progress and our main goal is no longer just making it through the day. We are a family, and we are going to start acting like it!

I have some items to purchase to make the new program work smoother. Tonight, I will get everything in order and Wednesday we will have a family meeting and set the wheels in motion. I am getting my life back! I too deserve to have time to do the things that I enjoy doing! I deserve to have time to read a book, or scrapbook, or do a craft. I have not been able to do anything for myself in a really long time! And my husband has the nerve to say "Why do you always have to be a bitch?"

"Uh, sorry honey. You have no idea what a bitch is. BUT YOU WILL"!!!


Thorn said...

Wow, Gerri, that's great! I had to lay down the law in a more limited way months ago and it's the best thing that ever happened to our relationship. For your family to succeed, it needs a lot more than just all of your commitment and resources. It's great that you're going to be able to have time to heal and recover and enjoy yourself.

I'm sure this will be hard on everyone and you'll have to deal with the fallout from that, but this sounds like a wonderful step in the right direction for all three of you.

Lisa said...

Go get'em tiger!

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like a whiny, immature slob. Dump him immediately. You can do better.

Queen Mommy said...

Good Luck! Marriage is tough...Add a RADish and blam! Frustration, anger, and hurt abounds! I am sending you my good wishes! I have had to do this also.....You go girl!

ryasmommy said...

I TOTALLY know the feeling. Its only in a good mom's nature to want to take care of the people around them. It's just that it ends up getting out of control. It's a touchy subject too because once you are fed up its not like you are going to say "uh excuse me honey can you help pick up your stuff?" You are probably just going to explode!! Normal stuff take it from me! You are doing great! We as moms just have to MAKE time and force ourselves to do things we enjoy instead of taking care of everybody else. Now am I succeeding? No but I am working on it. lol.