Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Old Bag!

Wow did we have a busy weekend! Friday was the first official day of summer vacation so I took the day off and just hung out with Alyssa. We had plans to go up north and Alyssa earned the privilege of inviting a friend along. So she was a great help with getting things ready and grocery shopping, etc. The weather forecast called for low seventies, but at least it wasn't supposed to rain!

Well, we get up north and the weather forecast changed. The entire weekend was supposed to be in the mid eighties and sunny and no rain. Let's just say the girls were not happy with me because I told them that they did not need to bring their swim suits along. After a chat with my wonderful husband, I piled the girls in the truck and took them to Target for swim suits and water shoes! I know I am not perfect and I think it is important to admit I made a mistake and do what I can to fix the mistake. The girls were very appreciative and ended up getting matching suits and matching shoes.

Both girls earned a trip to the ice cream parlor and video arcade by unloading firewood from the truck and stacking it in the wood pile. They picked up sticks that had fallen from the trees and knocked all the cob webs down. They worked hard and helped bring everything in and then they went to the park and I hardly saw them the entire weekend! Alyssa was so excited and proud to have a friend along! She really did try hard all weekend and for the most part had appropriate behavior. We had one small problem with Alyssa being bossy, but we pulled her aside and told her that if there were problems, Mom & Dad would handle them. Alyssa thanked us and ran up to her friend and apologized! We were very proud of her! Sunday was a pretty quiet day. We got home and Alyssa gave Daddy his gifts. We had ice cream cake for supper and watched a movie before bed. All in all, a great day!

Monday, Alyssa started at the Y.M.C.A. She was pretty pooped when she got home and then we had to go see Paulette. Alyssa had a hard time with some of the issues we discussed and chose to show us by pitching a hissy fit when we got home! She finally fell asleep around nine. This morning she woke up grumpy and argumentative. She sassed me and I finally removed her speaking privileges. She eventually came to me and offered a sincere apology. Hopefully, once we get settled into the new summer schedule, things will settle down and the mornings will go much smoother.

Our back yard is finally out from under water! Tonight we are going to attempt to get some yard work done. For all of you in the east suffering from drought, I wish I could ship some of our 11+" to you! We have been very lucky in that our basement is still dry and the sub pump didn't burn itself out! We usually average around 14" of rain for the entire summer. In the last week and a half we have had 11 plus inches and it is only the second week of June!

My final thought today is for Tammy. The old bag is 43 today! I know that my day is creeping up but she will always be one month and nine days older than me! Now to get serious.

Happy birthday to my best friend! You give me inspiration and the courage to face another day. You have more strength than you realize and bring more to my life than I could ever hope to give back! I love you with all my heart!

I know that I am going to get in trouble for posting this picture but I just love it!!! That is a buzzard hat on her head by the way!

Love you Tam!
Happy Birthday!!!