Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Cleaning!

Alyssa has really been trying to be a family girl. She has made an effort to give Jeff & I hugs in the morning and when we get home from work. She is trying to be helpful and is trying very hard to reign her mouth in. She had some problems with sass last night, but I very calmly informed her that her mouth just earned her 15 min. of chores. She wasn't too thrilled with that and made another lovely comment to which I responded by saying "Congratulations, you have now earned 1/2 hour of chores. She finally understood that I was serious, and was able to finish out the evening on a good note. This morning she got out of bed and actually asked me what her chores were going to be! I don't know why she is so worried, she actually enjoys housework! I remember having her clean the toilet one time and she actually hugged me and said she always wanted to clean the toilet and no one would ever let her before! Go figure! So, the theme of the evening is going to be spring cleaning! I have not done a full clean in longer than I care to admit - so tonight's the night! I think I will let Alyssa pick the CD, pop it in the stereo, and have some fun cleaning the house! Wooo Hooo!


Anonymous said...

She probably hugged you for letting her clean the toilet because she used YOUR toothbrush to scrub it with!