Friday, June 27, 2008

Like a Chicken with your head cut off.......

I hate car shopping! I know what I want, and I can't find it! Apparently, everyone on the planet decided to buy a small car! I have become frustrated to the point where I washed my hands of the whole issue. Jeff is now in charge of finding me a car. He knows what I want, it is now his job to find it. Let me know where and when and I will come sign the papers. AAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

OK, I actually feel better. Miss Alyssa is having an OK week. She is still sassy and disrespectful. But, she is recognizing it and actually apologizing! I am taking that as progress. This weekend I am going to help Alyssa organize her room. I am actually going to take the opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff that she doesn't use. But, if I play my cards right, she will think it is all her idea!!! So wish me luck folks. My goal, a weekend without meltdowns!

We have so much stuff going on! We are trying to get ready and organized to go on vacation. We will be spending a week at the lake the week after the 4th. It is so stressful trying to find the time to fit in all the extras that have to happen before I can leave with a peaceful mind. I will try to stay up to date, but if I go missing, don't get worried.

That's it for now, I got a million things to do.