Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bye, Bye old Tub!

We are busy, busy, busy! And to top it off, living in the midst of chaos. I know, what's new right? Well, this chaos is self inflicted!

We have a lovely cape cod home. We bought the house 10 years ago and have been slowly remodeling. I have wanted to remodel the bathroom for a long time. The problem is that we only have one bathroom! Well, we decided to take advantage of the long Easter weekend and start the remodel. The wonderful, amazing Uncle Bruce came over bright and early Friday morning and began swinging the sledge hammer at the old, HEAVY, cast iron tub. Thursday night, we tore off old molding, pulled down the old shower surround, and emptied everything out of the bathroom. So, back to Friday. Bruce had the old tub out in one hour!!! We then tore all the old dry wall out from around the tub. By the time Jeff got home from work at noon, Bruce was already working on the plumbing. By the end of the day on Friday, the new tub was installed and the plumbing was all in place! Saturday, the new dry wall went in and the shower surround was being installed. Sunday, the rest of the surround was installed and the caulking got done. Monday, Bruce had to stop over after work to replace the drain pipe that was leaking! Even after breaks for church, dinner, and the Easter Bunny, we have a working shower again! Yea!!!

We now need to replace the remainder of the dry wall in the bathroom and reinstall the vanity, prime, paint, and we are done! We are hoping to have it all complete by this weekend. I am repainting the bathroom cabinet and some of the accessories, so I have a lot of work to do!

So that is a summary of our chaos. Now, for some AWESOME news. Alyssa has been awarded "Student of the Month". The defining character trait this month was perseverance. We know how hard Alyssa works but having others recognize the fact that she doesn't give up is just priceless!!!

Also, more great news! Those of you that have been around awhile know that Alyssa has been lucky to have the most awesome, wonderful teacher, Mrs. M, for the past three years. Well, there has been a lot of realignment in the district for next year and YES, you guessed it, Mrs. M has been moved to 5th grade next year and Alyssa will be in her class!!! Someone is definitely looking out for us!!! Alyssa has been so successful in school and I have every confidence that the success will continue!

Update on the job search........... No change!!! There are so many BIG companies in our town closing that the unemployment rate in this city is almost 13%. We had a big manufacturing influence and the economy has hit hard! I applied for a job yesterday that had just been posted online 4 hours earlier. I received an email thanking me for my application, but there had been so many responses that applications were no longer being accepted! 4 hours people!!!

So, I'm off to work on the bathroom. We don't have a sink in there yet, but we can shower and use the toilet, I can deal!

I will try to check in when I can. In the meantime, you are all in my thoughts!


Tricia said...

can I borrow uncle Bruce?? lol

Lisa said...

Me too. I would love to discard my marble tub and put in a huge clawfoot tub. A girl can dream...

Congrats to Alyssa! Woo hoo!

Accidental Mommy said...


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yoooo hoooo, I want a Bruce tooooooo!

Ashley said...

Congrats to Alyssa. And great teachers who "get it" are such a blessing!

Lee said...

Congrats to Alyssa! I had my heart in my mouth when I read "realignment" as I thought the post was going in a not positive direction at that point. (mostly from personal experience. . . those "realignment" words in our home always meant the teacher we had all ready been introduced too and prepped was going somewhere else) I am insanely jealous of such a quick turnaround on a remodel!! :-)

Linda B. said...

Can we see pictures of your new bathroom? I am so jealous!