Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anyone need clothes???

I'm Back!

What a busy weekend. Thanksgiving day was really nice. We enjoyed the day with Tammy & Bruce. Very relaxing and no major blow ups from Alyssa!

Friday morning we were up at 4:00am and hit the stores. This year, more than any other year, we are on a tight budget so deals were super important! I did very well and got everything on my list. We were home by 10:15am and my shopping is almost complete! Does that ever feel good!

The remainder of the weekend was spent baking, decorating the yard, church, and a very lazy Sunday. Sunday night brought our first snow storm of the year and as a result, school on Monday was delayed for two hours. Alyssa wanted to use the time to choose cookie recipes for us to bake. Her behavior is touch and go. One minute she is smiling and cooperating, the next she is sassy and disrespectful. The worst is bed time. We are reading the "Little House" books and both really enjoy our time together before bed. The problem is that Alyssa is doing everything in her power to sabotage that time. I am taking a lot of deep breaths and Jeff is tag teaming so that I can remain calm and loving - not always an easy task! I am going to start decorating the house today, at least dig all the decorations out. I am going to try to have a bunch of different tasks available so that when Alyssa gets antsy, we can move to a new task.

Being home all day makes me wonder how in the world I managed to accomplish everything that needs to get done when I was working full time! I am going to enjoy being home for the holidays and start job hunting for real after the first of the year.

Alyssa has been complaining of heart burn. I don't know if it is something that I should have her checked for because she only complains about it when she is worried about something. If I do take her in, the Doctor is going to look at me crazy, because in my gut I think it is all in her head. But you know, that "What if"? I'm going to see how this week goes and then take it from there.

Can anyone out there could use kids clothes, size 10-12??? I have all of Alyssa's clothes from last winter and nothing fits. Everything is practically brand new and before I take it to Goodwill, I would like to give it to someone I know that could use it. She also has an assortment of winter jackets, snow pants and boots that are like new! So let me know if you have a need or know of someone that does. I will be glad to ship it out!


Accidental Mommy said...

I could use girl clothes. I have 4 girls: 12,9,8,7. They are close enough in size to share clothes. Let me know: reighnie @ hotmail . com

Lisa said...

Good to hear from you! I have absolutely no idea what to do about heart burn.

Totally off the subject but do you use google reader??????

Dinah said...

My Miss M has had heartburn problems since she was a little one. In fact, she had an ulcer at age 3! I never knew that little kids could have ulcers! Anyways, we keep some Pepcid Complete on hand and she can have 1 if she's feeling icky in her tummy. They seem to really help. It's been months since she'd had one....but we still have some on hand. Sometimes a tummy ache (heartburn) can be "in your head" and still be real. I know that stress causes me to feel icky in my tummy, panicky, heartburn type feeling. Could be more anxiety than anything, especially with you being home now and the changes in your lives. Just a thought!

Unspeakable Joy said...

i hate when they go through clothes like that! of course then i also hate when the wear them out. :) glad it looks like you found a taker. :)