Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monkey Arms

So, Alyssa had a pretty good week. I got great reports from Cindy. The only problem that seems to be a recurring theme is Alyssa’s lack of responsibility. Everything gets left lying around like she just assumes someone else will pick it up for her! So that is going to become #1 priority. We are going to be hypervigilent and watch for every instance of irresponsibility. Then we are going to be all over Alyssa like stink on a skunk. We just started this yesterday and it is already driving her nuts! We keep telling her that if she would remember to do it herself, we wouldn’t have to remind her.

Camp – Alyssa’s favorite part was learning all the camp songs. She has remembered new verses or new songs every day. I think we must be up to like 6 or 7 songs now. Her #2 favorite was all the food. She looked at me and said “Mom, the food was awesome”! Her least favorite? Being away from home for so long! She said that even though she was busy and had lots of fun, she really missed us!

Last night we went to see Paulette. We talked about Alyssa’s experience with being away from home. Alyssa admitted that she was worried that we wouldn’t be there to pick her up, but also that we would like it better without her here! Like that would ever happen! Then Paulette handed Alyssa a back scratcher. Jeff and I had to help Alyssa list everything we do for her. As we said something, Alyssa was supposed to scratch our backs. Well, Alyssa did not really comprehend just how much stuff we do for her! She got tired really quick. But, it was a great exercise because it really forced Alyssa to realize how great her Mom & Dad are!

Please say some prayers for my friend Cindy. She is having problems with her legs and she is going through some tests. I hope they find out what is causing her problem! It has got to be so painful! But Cindy is still Cindy! No matter what she is dealing with, she is happy, and joking around, and her normal weird self. That is a true sign of a strong, strong person!

Tonight is going to be exciting! Why you ask? Well, Miss Alyssa forgot her water bottle at camp in Wausau, so we had to buy her a new one. Alyssa owes us a chore in order to pay off the water bottle. She is going to be cleaning the patio! And it is pretty bad! Leaves and branches are everywhere yet from the storm a couple of weeks ago. We got the big stuff picked up, and now, thanks to Alyssa, the little stuff will all be cleaned up too!

Alyssa’s birthday is next week and I have no idea what to get her! Anyone have any ideas??????????????????

I almost forgot! Last Saturday, my birthday, the highlight of my day was watching Jeff try to bounce Tammy out of Bertha! Bertha is our HUGE inner tube! The water was choppy to begin with and Jeff was really trying to get her to fall out. Well, he succeeded! Tammy was hanging on with all her might. She looked like she had monkey arms because she was hanging on to the tube, and she was bouncing so hard that her butt would come over the top of the tube but her arms would still be holding on! And then, one little flip and Tammy was airborne! It really was a sight to see!


Lisa said...

Hi Gerri!
This might not work for Alyssa but the one thing that worked for J (in picking things up) is that whatever was left out after her bedtime was history. Straight to the trash. Since her chore is to take out the trash she spotted the items immediately after breakfast. It only took two times of losing something to ALWAYS remember to put things away. Now it was terribly hard on me because I REALLY didn't want to throw the items away (I see $$$$$ signs everywhere) but it turned out to be the best way. She is very responsible with her things now and I am very proud of her for it!

I loved the back scratcher idea. I'm going to have to use that one tonight! That Paulette is one smart cookie!
You are a fabulous mom!!!!